Canadian Trucking

No shipment is ever too big for Trans-Ontario Express. From straight trucks to 53’ trailers, to tractors to flatbeds, our extensive fleet can handle it all your LTL or FTL freight within Canada. Our fleet is equipped with GPS systems, alphanumeric pagers and 2-way radios in order to maximize our efficiency and enhance service. Once your order is placed, it is dispatched to the assigned driver electronically along with any memo’s or special requests you may require.

Vehicle Capacity Wait times
Single-Axle Straight Truck 12 skids / 15,000lbs First 30min free
Tandem-Axle Straight Truck 12 skids / 28,000lbs First 30min free
Tandem-Axle 53' Trailer 26 skids / 44,000lbs First hour free
Tri-Axle 53' Trailer 26 skids / 64,000lbs

Looking for a reliable carrier to take care of your shipments between Toronto and Western Canada? With our terminals in Toronto and Western Canada we are capable of servicing any size shipment. Our fleet in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg can accommodate all your delivery requirements. Our fleets in all the above listed provinces are capable of handling all your freight. This includes freight that requires some special services such as protection from freezing in the winter, refrigeration in the summer, tailgate delivery, residential service, hazardous material transport and oversize shipments.

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